Tribute: Jack Moffly

John Wesley Moffly IV

August 5, 1926 — March 11, 2018

With his captivating charm, engaging wit and, of course, that signature bow tie, Jack Moffly was the life of every party. But he was far more than a fixture on the social circuit. Whether in a boardroom of one of the many nonprofits he served over the years; on a dance floor (the man loved a dance floor); behind his computer crafting a balanced and thought-provoking article; or on a sailboat (a lifelong sailor, Jack was known as much for his skill as his grace and calm under pressure), Jack’s aptitude and passion for people were ever-present. He endeavored to connect—truly connect—with whomever he was speaking. And he wanted others to connect with one another. He wanted to foster community. That desire spawned the magazine you now hold in your hands.

Jack, along with Donna, his wife of fifty-eight years, launched Greenwich magazine in 1990. It would serve as the foundation for the Moffly Media of today—a company of town, shelter and custom publications, events, marketing services and digital properties. Even after turning over the business to son, Jonathan, Jack remained a guiding force. His hearty “Hello there!” echoed down the halls when he stopped by the office for a visit. He was always ready to offer sage advice based on his sixty-year publishing career (thirty at Time Inc.).

Yes, Jack left an indelible impression on anyone lucky enough to cross his path. The hundreds of letters, emails and social media posts following his passing were evidence of that. Some were from close friends, others from people who didn’t know Jack well—or personally at all, in some cases—yet each one felt the loss of a great man who made very real and meaningful contributions to life here in Fairfield County.

Jack Moffly, you will be missed. You most certainly will never be forgotten, and your legacy lives on in all that we do.

—Cristin Marandino