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We’re your hometown—in “to-go” size.

Our website and social media programs are rich in responsive story-telling, images, videos and any lightning-fast communiqué that helps us cover Fairfield County. Shops, salons, restaurants, and highlights from the high-society social scene keep our fingertips flying across the keyboard and hitting “Send” again and again.

We’re obsessed with pursuing the buzz for you. Tall order!

We love scoops so you’re in the know about your favorite place and favorite people and perfect Instagram photos to make your heart swell with town pride. Our goal is to welcome you to a virtual community that keeps up with you.

If you’re into numbers (and who online isn’t?), here they are:


22,000 users view over 100,000 pages each month

Six websites dedicated to our print magazines:

One website exclusively dedicated to Fairfield County:

Three websites dedicated to Moffly Media Signature Events

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We also reach out via email! Our opt-in subscribers choose from category-specific newsletters. Our digital partners turn to us to help get the word out about local events, VIP offers, and promotions.

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Sometimes you just have to be there to really appreciate the moment. But if you miss the big fundraiser, store opening, awards show or other date circled in red on your calendar, our videos get you up to speed. Also, hire us to showcase your next big to-do! Red carpets to ribbon cuttings, we love to capture the moment-and bring the on-air talent, add the music, do all of the editing, and so on. You just click, “Play!”

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In short, Moffly Media’s digital world is big and beautiful, and still pocket-sized.