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You do what you do best. Let us worry about spreading the word—and attracting customers.

With print magazines, online content, local events, photography and video services and custom media, we spend our days and nights bringing the right people together. We connect and inform.

Are you with us? We focus on Connecticut’s Gold Coast. Based on per capita income, this extraordinary collection of towns within Fairfield County is ranked sixth in the country. With such affluence comes an appetite for the finer things in life: dining, homes, cars, fashion, jewelry, fitness, and so much more.

With our print and digital media, Moffly Media reaches one in three residents of the county. We know how to reach hyper-local markets, town by town, and place your advertising in front of distinct, receptive audiences, based on town geographies, primary markets, and additional characteristics that drive business to you. Whether you are based in Fairfield County, or just want to reach the people who live here, trust a long-established insider to make the right connection.


Female 79%
Male 21%

Average Age 53

Average Household Income $657,800
Average Net Worth $3,845,000
Average Primary Home Value $1,661,200
Average Value of Other Real Estate $1,510,500
Average Investment Portfolio $2,756,000

Readers Per Copy 5.6
Read 3+ of past 4 issues 94%
Avg. time spent reading each issue 48 mins.


Female 59%
Male 41%

Median Age 35-54
Household Income $150,000+
College Graduate 45%
Post Graduate 29%

130,000+ pageviews per month
21,800+ users per month
70% new visitors
52,100+ social media followers

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